Temporary Additions For An Open House

Posted on: 30 September 2015

If will be hosting an open house to sell your home, there are a few small additions that might make your home stand out from the rest. Small touches that can bring your home to life or add an illusion of spaciousness can make your home sell even faster. Here are four temporary additions that can make your home look great during an open house.

1. Bringing in Basic Artwork

If you have unique tastes when it comes to artwork, your open house is not the time to display this. If your realtor recommends removing personal pieces and hanging more basic artwork on your walls from a staging company, trust their judgement. Bowls and vases that your realtor may want to bring in might not be your style, but can add a classy touch to an open house.

2. Fresh Flowers and Plants

Having fresh greenery inside and outside of your home can make this more inviting and look well cared for. Hanging potted flowers in your entryway will give a nice, landscaped look to your patio area. Fresh cut flowers and live plants in your home will liven up your look. Even if you don't have a green thumb, plants and flowers just need to last for the duration of your open house.

3. Stage Rooms for Their True Uses

If you are using your rooms for less than traditional uses, it might be better to stage these in ways that can showcase their capabilities. Having a back bedroom full of stored items will seem cramped and it will be better store these outside of your home. Stage this instead as a baby's room or office to show the potential of space in your home. If you are using your dining area as an office, it might be worth it to bring in a table and showcase the dining area for what it is truly meant to be.

4. Utilize Mirrors and Lighting

If you can expand your home with the illusion of light and space, your home will look bigger. Some tricks for this can involve mirrors to reflect space, and floor lamps and additional lighting to brighten up the place. Bring in large floor to ceiling mirrors that can be placed in dark corners and illuminate smaller rooms with floor lamps so that everything is bright and on display.

The more finishing touches that you can add to an open house, they better your home for sale will come off to potential buyers. If your realtor has additional staging ideas, try not to take this personal and take their advice. Sometimes what sells a home is very different from what makes your home a comfortable place to live in.