Real Estate Agents And Drone Technology

Posted on: 16 October 2015

For many people, a drone means a pilotless aircraft used for military purposes. Beginning in 2015, numerous FAA drone permits were issued to real estate companies for business use. In fact, approximately one-third of the first 500 commercial permits issued was for real estate use. As a real estate professional, you should explore the advantages of owning your own drone. 


In the industry, a drone is also known as an "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" or UAV. They come in two types: a fixed-wing model or a rotary model. Rotary models can hover and move easily in any direction while holding a camera. They are not particularly fast, however, and can operate for only around thirty minutes at a time. The fixed wing models can fly for up to five hours and are faster than the rotary type. They often need a runway and are less maneuverable than the rotary drone. For most real estate purposes, the rotary model will work best. 


The FAA is not requiring UAV operators to get a license, but they have regulated the use of these commercial aircraft. Drones under fifty-five pounds must stay under five hundred feet and fly no faster than 100 mph. Drones may not be flown over people, and you can only operate them when visibility is over three miles. Perhaps most importantly, you must be able to see your drone as it flies at all times and without binoculars. 


Using a drone to sell real estate has some clear advantages. You can take photos and video that truly showcase your listings.  Posting this video online should create more interest in your properties. You are able to show potential buyers the beauty of the home you are selling while placing its location in context. A drone allows you to show other houses and businesses in the vicinity as well as the surrounding views. You can even take footage of the neighborhood schools and parks. A UAV is one more effective tool in your selling arsenal. 

The real estate business is benefiting as much or more than any other commercial interest using drones. These machines can record views of your listings better than any other technology can. If your property is in the mountains or near the ocean, a drone allows potential buyers to appreciate the scenery of the home. With a drone, you will be able to create more effective marketing materials for your real estate business. Consider adding a drone to your advertising efforts. Contact a company like Sell 4 Free Real Estate Welsh Realty Corp for more information about real estate.