First Time Homebuyer Tips for New Parents

Posted on: 26 July 2016

Looking for your first home while also expecting your first child is very exciting. Of course, you want to make sure you find the perfect home for your family to begin growing in, but it is easy to overlook some very important features. The first couple of years with a young child require a lot of energy, so you may not have the energy left over to try and fix issues with a so-so house. The following are some key features you should look for so that you don't have to worry about adding or fixing features later.

Look for single-floor living

There are several good reasons to skip the second floor when you have a young child in the house. During the first year with your infant, you will likely spend a lot of time pacing from the child's room to the kitchen for late-night feedings. Doing this half-awake up and down stairs can be a pain. As your child gets older and becomes more mobile, those stairs can also pose a safety hazard. Generally, ranch-style homes are preferable so that you don't have to deal with stair issues.

Consider bedroom placement

In the long run, you will probably appreciate having a little bit of space between your and your child's bedroom. This doesn't mean that you want them across the house, but a small sound buffer can afford the adults a lot more privacy and quiet as the child grows. With young children, look for bedrooms that are on the same hallway but that have buffer zones between the walls. This means that the bedrooms share a wall with a closet or bathroom instead of directly with each other.

Avoid tight corners

Wide hallways are the way to go with little ones in the house. You also want to make sure there is plenty of room in kitchens around islands and counters so that traffic jams are rare. Newly mobile children are less likely to bump and bruise themselves against a wall if they have plenty of room to navigate and fall forward safely. Walls and corners are also less likely to be damaged by walkers and push toys if there is plenty of room for them to pass through.

Contact a real-estate agent in your area. They can help you sift through the available houses so that you find one that is in your budget and perfect for the stage of life your family is in right now.