Three Things To Consider When Renting Commercial Office Space

Posted on: 25 May 2017

Leasing a commercial office space is a serious investment in your business, and it can provide a great way for you to expand. However, there are several things you'll need to take into consideration before you sign a lease. Use this guide to help navigate some of the concerns that can arise when leasing a commercial office space.


Most business owners will want to make at least a few modifications to the space, from painting the walls to hanging up bulletin boards in the break room. Be sure to ask what the lease states about modifications. You may find that you have flexibility to make as many changes as you want, but that might also mean having to return the property to its original state at the end of your lease. Some leases may prevent you from making any changes at all. You'll want to make sure that you are comfortable with this section of the lease so you can feel free to set up your business in the way that makes the most sense for you.

Shared Spaces

If you are renting a space in an office building, it's important to know which spaces are shared and which are included in your lease. For example, if the space you are renting doesn't have a restroom, you'll want to make sure that there are public facilities your employees can use. Some buildings may restrict the use of certain elevator banks for specific companies, while other buildings may only have security on staff in the lobby for tenants who pay an additional fee each month. Get a clear understanding for which parts of the building your staff is free to use and which may be provided for your company's private use.

Room For Growth

Are you planning on hiring extra employees or expanding your business offerings in the coming months or years? You may want to consider this when looking for a commercial office space. Having extra room to grow can make it easier to remain in one location while still giving new staff members and departments room to work. If you are renting a space with an open office floor plan, make sure that there is enough room for a few extra cubicles. Consider renting a space with a spare private office as well. This space can be used as a meeting room until it is needed for a new manager or senior staff member.

Talk to your commercial real estate agent about your company's needs and any particular concerns you have, and work together to find a rental space that makes sense for you.

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